Schedule and Pricing


  • Monday 600am 1200pm 400pm 500pm 600pm cardio (30 min)
  • Tuesday 600am 1200pm 400pm 500pm 600-630pm kids class
  • wednesday 600am 1200pm 400pm 500pm 600pm cardio (30 min) 
  • Thursday 600am 1200pm 400pm 500pm 600-630 kids class 
  • Friday 60am 1200pm 400pm 500pm 600pm cardio (30min)
  • Saturday kids 930am 1000am

*you must be signed up for the elements course to attend. please contact us for information.

*Schedule is subject to change

Pricing is as follows;

Elements $160

Unlimited membership $145/month

Family add on (spose or family living in same household $95/month

LEO/Police/Fire/Military/Teacher discount $115/month

Youth $80 (6-9) $100 (10-14)

One on one $50/hour

*Prices are subject to change

  1. Star says:

    Hello, I participate in cross fit in Bellingham and will be in a work training down in your area 15th – 18th do you accept drop-ins at any of your classes? if so what is the drop in rate and best time to come by?

  2. Star says:

    Sure thats wonderful!.. so yea my work training ends around like 4 or 5 each day so like in the eve sometime. k see you next week.

  3. Mark Reichlin says:

    Trying to suscribe

  4. Knute Adcock says:

    Hi! I’m active duty military and an avid Crossfitter. I’m from DC and in Tulalip visiting family this Tuesday and Wednesday (July 8 & 9). Would it be possible to drop in one or both days? Thanks! – Knute

  5. carla says:

    Do you guys have military dependent discount? Thanks

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