What a Monday!

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Back squats 






30 cal row


50 wallballs


30 cal row
What a day huh?!! Great attendance, even better energy! Never miss a Monday they say!



That’s a big boi wod! 

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Thrusters 185/125

Box jumps 40/30

Power snatch 

Bar mu
Sometimes I love to throw out a challenging wod to push people out of their comfort and reaching a tiny bit past what they’ve done before. Today I witnessed exactly that. People overcoming fear of high box jumps and putting a lil more weight in a wod than they have before. It was a great day and the cardio class crushed it!! Go after this one, but be careful not to push past redline with this heavy and high of a skill wod. Missed reps are killers here.


2rm back squat and a burner 

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First we tested some heavy back squats then followed it up with a fast burner! Strong and fast baby! 


30-20-10 fun

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5k 2017

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5k for time. Head down just work 

Thrusters and ctb…..

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Ouch…. this one got spicy quick! Maintain good position on those thrusters it will help you hold onto the bar longer!


Merry Christmas!

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We ran through a different variation of the 12 days of Christmas this time….

“12 days of Xmas”

1 rope climb

2 thrusters 155/105

3 pull ups

4 power cleans 

5 burpees

6 1 arm kb snatch 70/53

7 dl 

8 lateral hops

9 try

10 push ups

11 squats 

12 jerks

Feeling good!