Welcome to Tulalip Bay CrossFit! The first and only gym located on an indian reservation, Tulalip Bay CrossFit is a 1116 sq ft facility ran by Apollo Lewis & Roselle Fryberg. We are Crossfit certified trainers with a passion for sharing health and fitness with our community. The goal of our gym is to improve the health & fitness of anyone committed individuals whether it be a grandma, soccer mom, or athlete. We offer small group classes that will benefit any fitness/health goals at a fraction of the cost of personal training. NOTE: We help scale any of the workouts/movements to any fitness ability.

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    How many days a week is it?

    • kaitlyn,
      we are open 6 days per week. you can see our full schedule under schedule and pricing. also if your looking for the elements course take a look at our how to get started page. and feel free to call if you have any questions. thanks

  2. YAY!!!! My first day pain free. After being diagnosed with thoracic outlet (along with other back, neck, and shoulder issues) I struggled for almost 2 years in constant pain. I quit lifting all together, with the fear that I might make it worse, and felt my strength decrease dramatically. After full time Physical therapy, massage and so called rehabilitation with no relief in sight, I decided to finally give crossfit a try. I am in my third week and just finished todays WOD…FEELING AMAZING! I look forward to being sore after a workout and am no longer dreading the pain. Super thankful Tulalip Bay Crossfit:)

  3. ananda says:

    I just thought I would post my in progress success story:) I started TBCF with horrible nerve damage to my shoulder. My Physical Therapist who I have seen every week for two years, said I would not ever be able to weight train again. Our goal was just to be able to get me to a place where I could wash and blow dry my own hair without excruciating pain and loss of mobility. A push up on my knees was impossible and I could not lift weight over my head. I should also add that I have been a vegan/ vegetarian my whole life. After 4 months of consistent workouts at your gym I am pain free, getting stronger, and havent seen my physical therapist in almost 4 weeks. I can do a regular pushup and lift at least 55 lbs over my head. I also started eating fish, shrimp and chicken (once) lol, and following the paleo diet. I have never felt better, stronger, or happier:) I am so grateful!

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