Posted: January 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

Merry freakin new year! Let’s make the most of it! Let’s get ripped let’s get in shape! Let’s hit those goals AND MAKE NEW ONES TO CRUSH. I wanna see our gym blow up and all of you succeed! I can’t wait. It’s starts today


5×5 back squat 65%


30 hspu

10 bar mu (20 ctb scale)

Immediately into…

10 cl n jerks 95/65

8 clean n jerks 115/80

6 cl n j 135/96

4 cl n j 165/115

2 cl n j 205/145

Extra credit

Rope conditioning

5 rc + 15 cal bike

4/15 cal

3/15 cal

2/15 cal


Cap 8 min

I’m pumped and excited for everyone and myself! Let’s do this peoples!



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