The end of the open! 

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

The end of the open has come! I know you’re all sad to not get anymore of these wonderful workouts to look forward to every Friday, but fear not…. You still have me as a programmer 😉 i just want to say how extremely proud I am of every single one of you who put yourself out there and signed up for this online competition. It doesn’t matter what you goal was, every single on e of you out it all out there competed hard as hell and are better for it! I hope you all see what you also stirred up throughout the rest of the gym… I see more people trying to get their first bar muscle up, setting there goals to be better at thrusters or ctb pull ups. And hats because you all went for it and showed the gym it’s attainable by everyone! So freakin proud!!!! Great job everyone at TBCF who completed these workouts they are no easy feat! No back to the regular scheduled fun 😜



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