Final paleo test! 

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Min 0-5

5 gtoh 95/65

5 burpee over the bar 

Minute 5-10

1 rep max clean and jerk 

At 10:00 for time


Deadlift 225/155

Kbs 53/35

Our 30 days have officially come to a close with some outstanding results! I’ve seen many improvements in every person that completed the challenge and I can tell who really went in head first. This was just a kickstart and I was glad to show you the way, but it was just the start now you will continue on this healthy path and find lifelong Heath through it! Just stay consistent and feel free to ask any question if you have. Just because the challenge is overdoenst mean I won’t help anymore! 



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