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Heavy cleans 

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Every 90 for 9 min

2 cleans + 1 jerk 

Build to a heavy 


6 min amrap 

1 squat clean 

1 jerk

An old but good one! This come from a way back in the 2011 CrossFit open and it may look short but it is dirty. And nowhere else will you find efficiency more important. The athlete that can move with less effort will be able to last longer on this wod as the will use less energy squatting under the bar as well as thrustering/jerking. Thins is why we went over proper cleaning and jerking technique. Great job today! 





Paleo winners!

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5 rounds 

10 BBJO 24/20

10 Db snatches 45/30

10 goblet squats 

A message from our male paleo challenge winner…

Apollo Lewis, The timing was good following the Christmas Holidays. Rather than collect on the one-month-membership prize, i would rather donate the free month to some new member. Someone who wants to work out, but is already stretching there budget. If you or anyone knows anyone who is hardworking and deserving of a free month, please make it happen.




Effective Friday March 13th

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Hey guys got a small schedule change for you… Since every Friday 9:30am class for the last 6 weeks has been a Barron waste land I’m going to cancel this class until further notice. Instead of me standing there looking at the empty gym with one tear coming out of my eye (go ahead picture it) lol if I have 4-6 committed souls that would like to train at this time of the future I would be more than happy to open it back up! Thanks I’ll see you guys soon!!! 



Max hang snatch




2 rounds

10 ohs 95/65

10 ctb


12 ohs 

12 ctb


14 ohs

14 ctb

And so on until you can not complete the round within the time domain. 


Jumping pull ups


Thrusters 95/65

We still lift remember ;)

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back squats 

7×3 build to maximal


75 kbs 53/35

50 box jump overs 24/20

75 kbs

50 burpees 


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its about that time…..

For time 

5k run