A new challenge

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

5 rounds
5 hspu
10 pistols
15 power cleans 115/75

*immediately after completion you have 12 minutes to complete max GTOH

A little body weight ninja mixed with some big dude stuff! Crossfit benefits those well versed in the sport of exercising! Punch out those hspu and pistols quickly and get tintype meat of the work in those power cleans. The more efficient you are the more energy you will save for that push at the end…. Did I say end? Oh ya now that your tired lets complete one more task…. Max clean and jerk. I do this sometimes to take the pressure off you, to let the wod warm you up prior to taking on a 1rm. But there is a small down side. Those with bad form will be hurting with their lifts at this point. We need to drill drill drill to be able to do this I’m our sleep! But I saw a great job out of many and a lucky few were able to even pr after a 15 minute brutal wod! Nice work



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