Lift like a meet

Posted: September 16, 2013 in WODs

15 minute emom snatch x1
15 minute emom clean x1

Today we are gonna move slow and lift big. Had some great improvements throughs the box from form (see Kiona on Facebook!) to prs! It was awesome to watch and help you all get to some goals and set new ones for next time!

Form is key to hitting big weights…
First pull stay back, maintain your flat back and the angle you pull from the floor…

Second pull, draw the bar back into your body reaching mid thigh start the double knee bend to initiate the jump and create that speed….

Third pull, pull pull pull pull PULL! Never stop pulling against the bar until you are fully under it with it locked out over head. Keep the bar close and stay engaged throughout your legs and back. This is where the magic happens, see if you can spot it….







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