Who loves double unders

Posted: June 20, 2013 in WODs

3 min max effort double unders

Against a 4 min running clock:
400m run
10 burpees
Toes 2 bar
3 rounds

Lets start with the skill, double unders. Very complicated to the uninitiated, but those that are flow though them like water down a stream. And that’s how calm I want you to be while in your double unders. Remember to stay calm, stare off into the distance, elbows tight and wrist slightly in front. It’s all about the wrist in the is movement NOT the arms so relax the shoulder and whip it.

When the clock starts it doesn’t stop, we take off for the 400m run then come back for 10 burpees. Think of these as just fuller prices tho because they are just work in front of the actual workout. Your score today is how many toes 2 bar you can complete in the allowed time. 3-2-1-go were out the door if your in at 2 minutes awesome now 10 burpees maybe another minute now we are at 3 min in which leaves us 3 minutes on the clock to go ham on TTB! Go all the way until I say stop because we get to rest! Great job pushing guys.



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