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Posted: June 28, 2013 in WODs

Build to a heavy set of 5 deadlifts

For time
20 dl 135/95
200m run
15 dl
400m run
10 dl
800m run

Hot dang you guys are all badasses! Almost every single person RX’d today and that a huge accomplishment. Beyond that some great times posted keep up the great work everyone I pumped with your progressions!



4 corners

Posted: June 28, 2013 in WODs

Tabata sit ups

4 rounds
10 ring dips
10 push ups
10 push press 115/75
10 burpees

Forget the wod holy abs!!!!


I’ll make a man outta you yet

Posted: June 25, 2013 in WODs

12 min E2MOM
5 back squats @ 75%

For time:
30 man makers

Great way to start the week! Heavy squats and a new movement call man makers… 1 rep of a man maker consists of completing;
Push up
Row (l)
Push up
Row (r)
Push up
Squat clean

And that’s 1 😉 get after it





Thursday love

Posted: June 23, 2013 in WODs

Amrap 15
20 double unders 3:1 scale
15 burpee box jumps 24/20
10 wallballs
5 ttb

Lots of short movements to compete with to get through to a good score but all short enough reps to make you go hard and it feel good!


Prime time

Posted: June 20, 2013 in WODs

For time
20 stoh
30 squat cleans
40 burpee over the bar

Easy on the eyes but tough on the body! This one demands coordination, stamina and efficiency to move through it quickly. Stay on the heels during the shoulders to overhead as you can burn your quads a little by getting toesy and we need those for the squat cleans. Then keep the bar back during your pull and keep a vertical chest on the cleans. I noticed a few people that I had to correct for not reaching full extension on the clean this just you cheating yourself of power and time to get under the bar. Just think get tall! Last but not least it’s motor time kill those burpees.


Who loves double unders

Posted: June 20, 2013 in WODs

3 min max effort double unders

Against a 4 min running clock:
400m run
10 burpees
Toes 2 bar
3 rounds

Lets start with the skill, double unders. Very complicated to the uninitiated, but those that are flow though them like water down a stream. And that’s how calm I want you to be while in your double unders. Remember to stay calm, stare off into the distance, elbows tight and wrist slightly in front. It’s all about the wrist in the is movement NOT the arms so relax the shoulder and whip it.

When the clock starts it doesn’t stop, we take off for the 400m run then come back for 10 burpees. Think of these as just fuller prices tho because they are just work in front of the actual workout. Your score today is how many toes 2 bar you can complete in the allowed time. 3-2-1-go were out the door if your in at 2 minutes awesome now 10 burpees maybe another minute now we are at 3 min in which leaves us 3 minutes on the clock to go ham on TTB! Go all the way until I say stop because we get to rest! Great job pushing guys.


Test, test 1,2,3!

Posted: June 18, 2013 in WODs

Max back squat
80% max reps

1 min max pull ups
Rest 1
1 min max burpees
Rest 1
1 min max hspu
Rest 1
1 min max front squat 45/35

Alright, so we are going to throw down a few test this week with expectation of coming back at a later date for a test retest. Give all you got so you can say within your heart you prd!

Now today didn’t look tough on the board, but it was a complete gut check and a mental battle within yourself to continue to push through the discomfort for one more rep…. And then one more rep… And then one more ;)! Huge congratulations to all of you for accomplishing that I saw some big break throughs in the box. And some prs of course!