So easy it’s hard

Posted: May 17, 2013 in WODs

4 back squats 3down 1up
Rest 45
8 ring row 2down 1up
Rest 1 min

10 min amrap
5 burpees
10 kbs 53/35
20 wallballs 20/10

Alright all caught up with the post, we had some fun today with tempo training on back squats and ring rows. This makes these movement exponentially hard, but all for good! Then there was the wod so easy it’s hard. Something this short, this light and this easy of movement you know nothing else will come but pain muhahaha!!! Sorry I’m back… Fun times!

Elements great job you boys are probably the most competitive group we’ve had yet, but it doesn’t matter unless we are moving correctly so slow down now, do it right and you will be much faster in the future! Good job today remember to drink lots of water so you guys Saturday morning.



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