Heavy thrusters an burpees

Posted: April 23, 2013 in WODs

10 min emom
Even minutes
5 squats 70%
Odd minutes
30 sec handstand hold

3 rounds
15 thrusters 135/95
15 burpee over bar

Bam! Nice start to the week and fun but challenging strength emom and a grinder of a wod. The best advice I can give for a heavy thruster is treat it as two parts…. The first one is the one that requires great focus and patience, the front squat. Treat this as if it is only a front squat, keep the elbows high, the torso upright and the tempo perfect. Don’t feel rushed to explode out of the hole as with the heavy load it will throw you forward and cause you to push the weight out in front or fail completely. Do the front squat and the front squat only until you’re 3/4’s if the way up. Now we are in the real drive phase In the heavy thruster, if we’ve done this correctly we’ve done a perfect front squat we took our time and came up with a vertical torso and heels still of on the floor now we are in part two and in a perfect push press position. Now we explode the hips into the bar (which should still be in contact with the shoulders) and drive it off the shoulders to complete the lift without needing to take a step forward to recover.

Nice work today guys lets take care of those bodies And get ready for tomorrow!



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