Get outside and play!

Posted: April 4, 2013 in WODs

For total working time
3 sets
200 run
Rest 2 min
3 sets
400m run
Rest 3 min
2 sets
800m run
Rest 4 minutes
Then immediately 11 burpees!

Happy birthday to Kiona big 1.1.! Everyone got to enjoy some sun and stretch those legs out. All out sprints with short planned rest periods are nasty, doing this myself I know it’s just barely enough time to recover, pop up off your back and be ready to sprint again! Goal is to have no fall offs during any rounds and even improving showing you can finish hard.

Now I know some of you may have heard so if you haven’t I’ll let the cat out of the bag for you. Brace your quads, 13.5 is coming:

If you know you will get deep into rounds place serious considerations to taping your hands as lots of chest to bars lead to ripping. I never tape and I’m thinking I might! See you all for the block party tomorrow….



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