Welcome to the ladder

Posted: February 28, 2013 in WODs

Power clean power jerk ladder
Women start at 63lb
Men start at 125lb
1 minute to complete 20 du then complete lift

Death by hspu

Fuck ya! Sorry still had to get that out. Can’t even explain with worlds how excited I have been all day! This was super competitive and a super supportive environment and I couldn’t even keep up with the people that were coming out yelling PR! At me, love it.

So the way the ladder works s we all start in one line, ladies first, and the sound of rotate the first athlete enters the floor and performs 20 du or 40 seconds of attempts. If 30 sec comes first I will yell lift. At this time you now have 30 sec to make the lift. At 1 minute I will yell rotate and the next athlete will enter the floor and if the first athlete maked the lift they get to go to the next bar.

The ladies today made me a little scared I didn’t out enough bars out for them and a couple made it far into the men’s bars with 20 jumps in it! Nice job melody Fryberg with a pr 165! And we only had one dude flirt with clearing the ladder, Patrick reeves

With a 225 power clean freakin push press!

Then as if we weren’t having enough fun how about a death by hspu to finish ;). Again more prs made as I challenged everyone to try a harder way and almost everyone were able to. But awards go to Donnella for pr’ing 4 times in this one wod. Pr for her first RX’d hspu then for a double then for a triple then 4 unbroken! Bam!



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