Everyone needs a long one every once in a while

Posted: February 22, 2013 in WODs

2 rounds
20 hspu
30 pull ups
40 kbs 70/55
50 burpees onto a plate

40 min cap

You’ve been peppered with short ones and I don’t know if you felt it but I was setting you up with the jab to hit ya with the looping right! Haha and it got all of ya! Was awesome to watch you guys grind through this one. Burpees are burpees we all know they suck and you got through where it got yucky was going from pull ups back to that heavy kettle bell. Ya, gotta love it….

And we gotta show more spirit and sign up for the open in 12 days! You are all gonna do the wods so don’t think this is some competition you have to travel to its all going to be right here at the box so have fun, spend 20 and see where you rank in the world it’s fun.




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