Stay on your heels

Posted: February 9, 2013 in WODs

3×5 front squats

12 minute amrap
50 air squats
30 push ups
15 pull ups

What an outstanding day it was with the few of you I got to spend it with. From the get go the warm up was even fun and super engaging! It’s always fun to learn a new movement right? So why not some forward rolls. Some of you looked at me crazy, but it was all smiles after it started.

Strength. A few key points to remember about the front squat always always alway maintain and upright torso. How we do that is driving the elbows up towards the ceiling.

With load out in front of us it will all want to take you forward, keep those elbows high and drive this knees out to try and drop those hips straight to your heels.

Oh and as usually keep the heels on the ground twinkle toes.

Our wod today was brought to you by head quarters as this was a wod to promote crossfit in Kenya. They have been working hard to reach out and bring things like school at fitness to Kenya. And thru didn’t make the wod easy on us šŸ™‚ nice work and keep them legs moving I see a lot of sore ones in the gear future.
Squat off!




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