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Feel that pump

Posted: January 31, 2013 in WODs

3 position clean
High hang+above the knees+floor

3 rounds
10 push press
20 pull ups
30 push ups

Man my chest is tight after that one! Make sure we all work on mobility tonight to make sure we are good to go for the next Time we wod. Corrective mobility, proper nutrition, flexibility and proper form will make you live forever! Great job, stretch drink lots if water and ill see you tomorrow



Get it!

Posted: January 31, 2013 in WODs

3 min capacity test
Max burpee over the box jump

12 min amrap
15 medball sit up
12 lunges w medball
9 wallballs
6 step ups w medball

4 burpee penalty every time you drop the medball on the floor. Just set it and forget it baby pick that medball up an dont set it down. There is no option but to keep pressing forward. Great job today we had some really good scores!


Big snatch

Posted: January 29, 2013 in WODs

20 minutes to establish heavy snatch

Deadlifts 225/155

Lift big, move fast! That’s the motto today baby, we start with the most complicated lifts in the books. It is high risk high reward though, nothings better than hitting a perfect snatch if you know what I mean! After that its on to one of the funner “girls” Diane is fast and fun. A great mixture of weightlifting and gymnastics.


Saturday fun day

Posted: January 29, 2013 in WODs

1000m row for time

For time
30 wallballs
3 rope climbs
20 wallballs
2 rope climbs
10 wallballs
1 rope climb
5 hspu

Man you guys are missing out on some badass wods and times on Saturdays! What do you think we are closed or something!?!? Well this one was so fun I almost jumped into it after I wrote it on the bored…. Anyways this is another great test with the skill strategically placed by me at the end. Can you complete 5 quick unbroken handstand push ups after you burned your shoulders up a little bit and have your heart rate jacked? This is a skill you should strive to posses. You’d be surprised at how hard double unders are mid or end wod, try after one!


Short and quick

Posted: January 29, 2013 in WODs

8 minute amrap
15 lunges 45/35
10 bar facing burpees

The open is only weeks away so this is a little wod to start prepping those looking forward to the open. Oh and it’s also just a great crossfit wod for everyone else in the gym too. So sign up for the open January 30th!!!



Posted: January 26, 2013 in WODs

In teams of two complete:
800m run
Deadlift 185/135
Box jumps 24/20

Partner A starts at the barbell, B at the box. Partner B must hold the push up position with feet on the box only then can partner A complete their dead lifts. After 21 partner A hold the barbell at the top of the Deadlift while partner B completes box jumps. Then back and forth until completed. I love team wods!

And great job to my elements girls you pushed hard today y’all are almost ready! Keep up the work and keep working on that nutrition.





Posted: January 24, 2013 in WODs

5 sets
3 ohs
10 kbs heaviest possible
Rest 60

All reps must be unbroken
2 rounds
10 thrusters 105/75
Rest 2 minutes
20 stoh 95/65
Rest 2
30 front squats
Rest 2
40 kbs 55/35
Rest 2

Today was more mental than physical! You had to know and believe that you could do it. All of you can move for this many reps without putting it down. We always say the mind will break before the body does so prove it today, don’t let that bar win…. Oh and if you don’t do it unbroken rest as long as you need because your starting over at zero 😉 have fun!