Maximum snatching

Posted: August 31, 2012 in WODs

15 minutes to establish Max snatch

3-3 min amrap
Snatch 95/65
Rest 3 min
Box jumps 24/20
Rest 3 min

Great job today guys we had a lot of work to get in in the snatch today as it was the first time a lot of you have gone 100% on them. I feel like everyone in the gym was able to make strides on this movement which takes a lot of time to get down so don’t get down just because its hard stick with it!

Side note we will be closed monday for the holiday, but starting Tuesday the fourth we will be adding a 6:30am class for a trial run if you would like this time to continue on ATTEND! Trying this out because I’ve had a few request let’s see how this goes 😉



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