400’s and maybe something else…

Posted: August 1, 2012 in WODs

If your lucky or work hard enough!

15 minutes to practice pull ups

Against a 3 minute clock
400 meter run
Max burpees
3 rounds
Rest 4 minutes
2 min amrap
Wall climbs
2 minute amrap
Sit ups

Holy crap that was fun! Am I right, am I right? (right hand left hanging)….. I know you guys loved it don’t be mad at me haha that was pretty awesome. Rules… Against a 3 minute clock you must complete a 400m run then complete as many box jumps as possible. Your score is how many Bo jumps you are able to complete . So if you didn’t push that 400 and get back in the door your score will be zero! So get on that horse!

After the 4 minute rest we moved to two minutes of wall climbs and then immediately to 2 minutes of abmat sit ups.

Remember to get in the fluids, stretch and work on mobility and last but not least make good food choices. Soon we are planning on having Todd Widman out from crossfit hq to do a nutritional seminar he’s badass y’all will love him. I’ll let you know when we get closer to something.



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