Interval runs

Posted: July 20, 2012 in WODs

Did I ever mention to you what wonderful hills we have on our runs 😉

3 rounds
1 mile run
Rest 5 minutes

These are each all out efforts give t everything you got and try to or your mile each round. If your like me though after you sprinted the first one with all the hills that second one smacked you right in the face! But the goal is to keep moving, just like when we you a barbell or anything else we do this for time to keep the intensity up. We are here for a three mile walk we are here to put in work and get better so push hard and collapse when your done and yell out a big fuck ya! Cuz you whooped that wod and gave it hell.

Interval sprinting is a great way to build up the conditioning for longer and shorter runs. What comes to mind is the 5k run which is only .2 miles longer that what we did today. Subtract 10 minutes off of your time an see where your number is should be faster since you got to rest and sprint each round. This will carry over to the straight run when it comes. Keep it up guys good work.



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