Important schedule change

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

There will be an abbreviated schedule for the remainder of the week and we will be out of town, but having coaches there to coach and keep the gym open. The schedule will be as follows;

Wednesday – 530am and 5pm
Thursday – 530am and 5pm
Friday – 530am and 5pm
Saturday closed
Monday – 530am and 5pm

Then we will be back to our regular schedule on Tuesday. Please note that there will be no noon or 4pm classes I’m sure my neighbors would love to see you buy the gym will not be open so NOTICE!

Also there is a potluck at crossfit marysville that our gym has been invited to to watch the crossfit games streamed live. It’s gonna be awesome to watch and it would be great to make some more crossfit friends. We know marysville very well and they are all awesome people bring a dish and enjoy the fittest people in the world. Don’t forget to watch all weekend too as it will be streamed from the games site and espn 3! Ya baby!



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