Burpee over the box jumps are back

Posted: June 28, 2012 in WODs

10 rounds for time
5 hspu
10 burpee over the box jumps
15 air squats
Rest one minute

Interval work today guys. Work as hard as possible for the entire round as I’ve given you built in rest to each round. Goal today was to just keep moving and I’d say y’all did just that!

Lately and from now on we have been focusing on mobility and already it has help many of our members improve their squats and help relieve some nagging injuries they have had. So I want to continue to encourage everyone to start getting real friendly with the foam rollers and lacrosse balls, they are life savers. If you know of a problem area or something that’s bothering you during a movement come see us and we will help ya mobilize it.




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