A little bit of everything

Posted: June 27, 2012 in WODs

Max effort 3 rep push press

4 rounds
10 push press
10 sit ups
10 burpees
100m run

Go big, go fast, then go home! Keys to this wod is to be efficient. Be efficient in your push press, whip the sit ups, efficient again through burpees and the run hard while relaxing. If your able to do this you will be able to move through the whole workout at one steady fast pace.

Keys to executing the push press;
1) weight stays on the heels and you drive off of the heels
2) create the shelve with your shoulders, the weight should not be resting on your collar bone and especially not on your chest. This allows the power to be transferred into the bar properly.
3) take a deep breath, pull the last down and back and create the weight lifters belt
4) dip and drive with an upright torso and as if you had a pole up your back only allowing you to go straight up and down, DO NOT LEAN FORWARD! Keep the bar high and shrug like hell
5) finally after you drove those hips like a monster and shrugged that bar like the hulk in gold gym in front of a mirror (lol) pass the bar of to the extremities and finish the press overhead without re dipping the knees an head through the window at the top.

Now go lift big



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