Posted: June 5, 2012 in WODs

Max effort pull ups
Mac effort 400

5 rounds
400m run
15 ohs 95/65

I wanted to get a couple baselines out of you guys today 1) to have for future reference to track progress in a while and 2) to show you how much better you all have gotten! You guys all probably pr’d you max pull ups either by reps or by challenging yourself to go to a smaller band…. And succeeded!

Now down to business…. Nancy is a tough son of gun boy I tell ya. Having an efficient run is key to moving through this wod well. Remember the key points for an overhead squat: weight on the heels, bar stays in the frontal plain throughout the lift, tight lumbar curve, press into the bar and get your butt below parallel! Nice work today guys and holy crap 4 o’clock class came out in force today! Could have used that new space that’s staring us all in the face….




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