Tabata, ropes, and burpees

Posted: May 17, 2012 in WODs

Tabata pull ups

3 rounds
90 sec me rope climb
90 sec rest
90 sec burpees
90 sec rest

Tabata, except to the og’s of tbcf, is a new method of training. To complete Tabata you you work all out for 20 seconds then rest for ten and repeat this for 8 rounds. Easy enough right, well the kicker is your lowest round score is your score for the workout. So if you were able to bust out 20 round one but zero round 8….. Well, you scored zero lil buddy! Fortunately you guys are straight gangsta and all got a score. Now on to the meat and potatoes…
Wod time! Me effort is tough no matter what your doing as it requires the highest of intensities, but we all know what that leads to right? But max effort ropes climbs…. Wtf! Haha you guys did great on it though and I was supper excited to see rx’s scatter all through the day today! Rope climbs aren’t easy guys so damn good work. Here’s a little motivation for next time they come up…..




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