Mess you up!

Posted: May 11, 2012 in WODs

10 minute amrap
10 kbs 55/35
15 box jumps
10 pull ups

Rest 2 min

10 minute amrap
10 bumper burpee 25/15

Oh ya, sometimes as a trainer you wake up just in a mood, a huge smile on your face, and a great attitude. Today, that was me and I had a great wod in mind….. One of those mess you up ones! Haha and boy did it work. I can’t lie though you guys were up for the task and worked your butts off.


We had a new movement that was the back breaker today. We call it the bumper burpee so I thought I’d explain it for those that missed it and might want to try this one on for size. Starting in a standing position like a normal burpee, but with the bumper in hands. Go down to place the weight on the floor lay down on the plate, pop up grab your plate from the floor and get it overhead (no jump). Oh ya it sounds just as good as it looked! Have fun kids


  1. Donella says:

    That was tough WOD and I did it! 🙂 I do feel great after a good WOD like today.
    Thanks Apollo for my weekly abuse.

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