Barbells and double unders don’t get much better than that

Posted: April 18, 2012 in WODs

5×2 of the following complex
1 hang clean
1 push press
1 front squat
1 push jerk
*each set is the complex completed twice through without putting the bar down

3xME handstand push ups

100 double unders
20 pistols (10l/10r)
10 push jerk 155/105

Ah yes another busy day in the hood! Everyone came through the gym and got better today, that’s what we do! I’m liking what I’m seeing on the strength we are starting to implement in the gym form and body awareness is al ready starting to improve. You guys are gonna be throwing weight around with the efficiency of an Olympian real soon….
Double unders are still proving to be a tough skill I just want you all to know these are attainable, but they need to be practiced. It’s a neurological skill acquired through practice so if your in a few minutes early pick up a rope and go for it! Good job today guys



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