Holy shoulders! And a new record!

Posted: January 10, 2012 in WODs

Strength:   5 rounds

3 strict press

30 second handstand hold rest 90 seconds


WOD:         4 rounds for time

200 meter run with medball

5 handstand push ups

10 overhead squat (75/55)

15 back extensions

Today was a test of everyone’s shoulder capacity. right from the beginning we tested your strength overhead with strict press then a 30 second handstand hold, but that wasnt all! Then when we moved into the workout with lighter weights and less time inverted, but when its WOD time we turn on the go switch. Im proud of everyone for pushing as hard as they can and attaching a tough movement like the overhead squat without blinking an eye! great job and remember to stretch i know im about to stretch my low back 🙂 see you all tomorrow!

And we set a new record for attendance today, 22 people came through the box today! i love it, keep it up I love seeing all your faces putting in the hard work.



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