Never miss a Monday 10/16/17

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6×1 back squat @ 95%


6 rounds

200m run 

15 wallballs 20/14

10 DB snatch 45/35
Heavy squats followed by some short light work. Can you push yourself to hold on to that wallballs and push the hills on the run? Rhetorical question! I know y’all can. Everyone did great today super proud of the push! Those squats were heavy as heck tho 😉 



5x500m repeats 

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5x500m row 
There’s nothing to his workout, no secret way to do it and no one can help. It’s just you and your rower against the world! We had some people really pushing themselves and themats exactly what I want to see out of this workout. Try to get out fast and hard then we test how well you can maintain that hard pace! You get to see first hand how good you are on that rowing machine 😉 


Holiday schedule 

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Remember the holiday schedule that has been posted in the gym! Special noon class only then we can go enjoy some more family and friends! See you guys there!!

Spicy spicy Monday 

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25 power snatches 75/55

25 front squats 

For time

800m run

40 kbs 70/55

8 rope climbs 

Rest 2 min

5 minutes of plank hold 

That chipper though!

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Stay the course. Be determined. Finish! 

For time

100 du

30 wb 30/20#

30 sit ups


75 du

20 dips

20 dl 185/125

20 burpee over bar 

50 du

10 cleans 

10 pistols

10 muscle ups

Rowing and thrusters

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Who would have thought these two together would hurt so bad…. I’m everyone! This one got spicy! Enjoy



Every 2 minutes for 5 sets 

5 front squats @ 75-80%

4 rounds

Amrap 3

500m row 

Max thrusters 95/65